How to choose a smartphone holder for the car?

How to choose a smartphone holder for the car?

Nowadays, the smartphone has become an indispensable device for listening to music, chatting with loved ones, browsing the Internet, ... But whatever the reason, the law prohibits and advises against handling it while driving. It is in this context that the car phone holder was designed.

This ergonomic accessory offers the possibility of using the phone and its features, without soliciting the hands. It does not hinder the driver's visibility and thus guarantees optimal safety when travelling, while respecting the rules of the road.

Like all products on the market, however, the purchase of a smartphone holder is not to be taken lightly. Indeed, his choice is a crucial step.

Types of car phone holders

There are 2 types of phone holders, each of which is intended for specific needs and exploits different locations in the car. Before opting for one or the other, remember to study the various characteristics:

the support on windshield (with suction cup);
the support on ventilation grid.

The support on windshield (with suction cup)

This type of media is both one of the oldest and one of the most widespread, and is appreciated for its universal and easy installation. It attaches to the windshield through a suction cup and facilitates the use of the smartphone (even when driving). It is usually attached to an articulated arm and can thus be oriented according to the desires of users.

This bracket can be glued to any place on the windshield and its fastener is compatible with all automobiles (ideal for those who change it regularly).

However, it should be noted that the windshield support is likely to hinder the driver's visibility. For this, it is necessary to carefully study the choice of its location beforehand.

The support on ventilation grid

This support is aesthetic, discreet, easy and quick to set up and remove. It attaches to one of the blades of the ventilation grille and does not reduce the driver's visibility.

The support on ventilation grid is available in 4 variants:

  • the popsocket and its car support accessory;
  • the support with clamps;
  • magnetic support;
  • the support with clamps and induction;
  • the "gravity" support.

The popsocket and its car support accessory
The popsocket is an accessory that attaches to the back of the smartphone via a micro-suction cup. It improves the grip of the device and makes it more secure.

For car trips, first buy the specific bracket and install it on the ventilation grid. Afterwards, you will just have to hang a phone that already has a popsocket on the back.

The support with clamps
The support with clamps is a classic model. It offers safety, stability and support to the smartphone, whether it is wide or heavy. It attaches firmly to the dashboard of the car, without requiring the support of any other equipment.

As for the disadvantages, this stand should be adjusted according to the dimensions of the phone.

The magnetic support
The magnetic holder attaches to the smartphone via a magnetic system. It is discreet, efficient and convenient to use. The magnet is usually very thin and sticks under or on the shell. Plus, it has no impact on battery and phone performance.

But it should be noted that the magnetic support is not compatible with all shells. Ideally, cases with a thin thickness are preferred because they facilitate contact between the magnet and the phone. For those who wish, it is also possible to opt for a ideal of sweden (indeed, shells of this type incorporate a metal surface).

The support with clamps and induction
The stand with clamps and induction is almost identical to the model with clamps, with the difference that it also allows the phone to be charged while driving. This way, you will have the certainty of never running out of autonomy.

The bracket with clamps and induction is easy to install and connecting the charging cable does not require delicate handling. Its principle of operation is simple and the opening/closing of the clamps is triggered via an infrared sensor.

As stated, this stand allows the phone to be charged by induction, a faster technology than the conventional charger. However, it only works on Qi-compatible smartphones, i.e. devices from Apple (from the iPhone 8), Samsung (from the Galaxy S6), Huawei (from the Mate 20), Nokia (from the Lumia 1520), Sony (from the Xperia Z3V), ...

The "gravity" support

The "gravity" support has 2 clamps and 3 clamping arms, and can only be installed on a horizontal ventilation grid. It usually has rubber padding and boasts a sleek and simple design. It is appreciated for its stability and does not disturb the phone's signals.

Even if this support offers optimal support and facilitates the attachment of the smartphone, it can only be handled in portrait orientation (i.e. vertically).

How to install a smartphone holder for car?

The car smartphone holder can be installed in 2 different ways: while some people fix it permanently, others prefer to install and remove it at each stop.

Whichever you choose, make sure the phone case is compatible with the stand. In addition to this, the latter should only be installed when the vehicle is parked.

Why buy a smartphone holder for a car?

The car smartphone holder has several considerable advantages. A few have been listed below.

Phone protection

The smartphone being one of the most indispensable tools nowadays, it is worth taking care of. So that it does not fall during driving, the support is one of the solutions par excellence.

Road safety

Inattention (some of which is caused by smartphone use) is responsible for more than 85% of road accidents. The stand is ideal to remedy this because it allows you to enjoy the features of the phone, without the need to hold it in your hands. Thus, the user is only concerned with driving.

Compliance with the rules of the road

As stated earlier, the law prohibits the use of the smartphone while driving. But knowing that it is mandatory to take calls in certain situations, support is useful. Ideal therefore to use the phone and respect the law.

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