How to choose your TrueWireless wireless headphones in 2022?

How to choose your TrueWireless wireless headphones in 2022?

True Wireless headphones, 100% nomadic headphones

Do you know the difference between wireless headphones and True Wireless headphones, literally "really wireless"? In both cases, the headphones communicate via Bluetooth with the device to which they are connected, instead of being connected to it by a wire. However, classic wireless headphones are bound together by a headband. True Wireless headphones, on the other hand, are completely independent of each other. This allows a comfort of use and maximum freedom for all your movements, but also for the practice of a sports activity. Once you've tested these headphones, you'll never want to be hindered by a wire again!
The biggest brands are now investing in the True Wireless headphone market, and offer high-performance devices. At SmartOne, we have selected for you the best models that we have all tested carefully.

Which form of headphones to choose?

There are different formats of True Wireless headphones: in-ear and semi-in-ear with or without ear hook. The in-ear headphones fit completely into the ear canal. Very discreet, they also ensure optimal sound insulation. On the other hand, depending on the shape of your ear canal, they can bother you.
Semi-in-ear headphones are less intrusive, since they are placed in the pinna of the ear at the entrance to the ear canal. They are comfortable, but can fall during very intense physical activities. If you practice this type of leisure, opt instead for semi-in-ear headphones with a hook that rests on the ear to ensure the maintenance of the device. This design guarantees you perfect stability of the devices even for the most dynamic sports!

Sound quality, a decisive criterion for the choice of your True Wireless headphones

The headphones offered by the recognized brands all offer good sound quality. However, some models have features that further improve listening comfort. This is the case with headphones with noise reduction, which allow you to mute ambient sounds to focus on your music or conversation. Passive noise reduction is due to the natural sound isolation from the presence of headphones in the ear.
Models with active noise reduction, on the other hand, are equipped with a microphone that picks up ambient noise, and generates an opposite sound to cancel it out. You are literally in your bubble even in the noisiest places, and you no longer need to increase the sound to hear your interlocutor or your music! These models are particularly suitable for open space work or plane trips. They also allow you to switch to an "ambient sound" mode in which you can perfectly hear the voices of the people who speak to you.

Connectivity with voice assistants

Have you gotten into the habit of using Siri or another voice assistant? Be careful to choose devices that are compatible with these technologies. This is because some True Wireless headphones do not offer this connection.

What does the IPX of True Wireless headphones mean?

The international IP standard applies to all electrical and electronic equipment. It indicates the level of tightness of the devices. For True Wireless headphones, there are mainly IP4 or IP5 models, but also IP7 headphones specially designed for intense sports practice. The IP4 and IP5 headphones are resistant to sweat and rain, making it possible to use them for outdoor sports. Ip7 headphones, on the other hand, are completely waterproof. Opt without hesitation for a model of this type if you want to listen to your music even during your swimming sessions!

Autonomy, an important criterion of choice for your headphones

True Wireless headphones always come with their charging case. Each device has an internal battery that gives it a certain autonomy. The case is equipped with a larger capacity battery. The headphones are charged by magnetic induction when placed indoors. Entry-level models offer a battery life of about 3 hours in communication for an hour of charging. Rather, it designates them for occasional use. On the other hand, the high-end headphones, have an autonomy of up to 6 hours of continuous listening, and more than 24 hours using the charging by the case. Enough to accompany you faithfully during your intercontinental journeys!

Bluetooth connection and True Wireless headphones

Communication between the headphones and your smartphone or other device is via Bluetooth. Opt for headphones equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology to benefit from a perfectly stable connection without interference with Wifi networks.

What budget for your True Wireless headphones?

There is a big price disparity between the different True Wireless headphones. Entry-level models are between 50 and 100 euros, while the most sophisticated reach 300 euros. Of course, you will not have the same performance for models under 100 euros as for the most expensive headphones. It all depends on what you're looking for: high-end hardware that withstands everything, or good quality headphones, but that you'll use more occasionally. Please note that we have taken care to select the best headphones in each price category. Even our entry-level models will ensure you a great listening comfort.

We hope this buying guide has helped you choose the Right True Wireless headphones for you. Whether you are a great sportsman, a long-distance traveler, a sound lover or someone who is looking for cheap headphones for occasional use, we have the model for you at SmartOne!

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