Muse - M-885DBT - Handset CD FM DAB Speaker BT Speaker

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Muse compact chain Muse M-885 DBT, a CD handset, FM/DAB radio and bluetooth speaker.

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The compact Muse M-885 DBT system reads audio CD discs and CD-R/RW recordable discs as well as MP3 audio files on disc or USB flash drive. It has an ANALOG FM tuner, a DAB/DAB+ digital tuner with digital display, and a Bluetooth controller that allows it to wirelessly stream music from a compatible smartphone, tablet or computer. A little extra: its NFC chip allows an immediate wireless connection with any compatible mobile device. To do this, simply approach the source of the NFC logo located on the compact chain Muse M-885 DBT. Its 80-watt amplification powers its three speakers and benefits from audio adjustment options.

The compact chain Muse M-885 DBT has on the front a large LCD display with backlight above which the CD player with drawer mechanism takes place. It accepts both commercial CDs and recordable and re-recordable discs (CD-R and CD-RW), on which are burned audio tracks in original format (CD-DA) or compressed MP3 format. MP3 files stored on a USB flash drive are also playable via the USB port of the channel. Among the features available in CD and USB mode, the compact Muse M-885 DBT offers shuffle and programmable playback, as well as repetition of CD or USB key titles.

The compact Muse M-885 DBT has a programmable alarm function, which allows it to be used to wake up to music, with the user having the choice of waking up to the sound of a buzzer, radio or music from a CD or USB stick. The alarm repeat function (Snooze) allows you to shift the ringtone to enjoy a few more minutes under the duvet!

The connectors of the compact chain Muse M-885 DBT include in addition to the USB port on the front, an auxiliary input in mini-jack format (3.5 mm) so that you can enjoy your music in wired mode from a device with an auxiliary output, connected by means of the mini-jack cable provided. An infrared remote control is supplied with this chain in order to remotely control its main functions.

Technical characteristics:
- Compatible CD, CD-R/RW, MP3
- CD mechanism with drawer
- PLL FM radio, DAB/DAB+
- Wood formwork
- Output power: 80 W
- Display: LED screen
- Adjustable intensity (Strong / Low / Screen off)

Bluetooth 5.0
Stream music from another Bluetooth-enabled device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone
40 memorable stations (20 FM + 20 DAB/DAB+)
Loudness function
Adjustable Treble and Bass
Time, wake-up and sleep functions

- USB 2 .0 port for playing MP3 files
- Mini-jack auxiliary input (3.5mm)
- External power supply input
- Antenna input 75 ohms
- 2 RCA inputs (1 left and 1 right)

AC 100 – 240 V 50/60Hz

Accessories provided
- Power adapter
- Remote control
- Mini-jack auxiliary cable (3.5 mm)
- Antenna cable with 75 ohm transfer

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 420 x 139 x 212 mm
- Weight: 3.5 kg

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