What gift to give to a geek?

Whatever the occasion, giving a gift to a geek cannot be improvised. To make a pleasant surprise and hit the nail on the head, it is better to have interesting ideas. To make it easier for you, you will find them in our list. The latter includes high-tech devices, games and accessories that are suitable for lovers of good things.


For geeks ace of cooking

One of your relatives is a geek and a cooking enthusiast? If so, he certainly knows that a recipe is prepared at the minute and the right temperature. If he uses an oven with a timer for pastries or meats, there is little chance that he will miss his dish. But when it comes to eggs, the situation can quickly become stressful. To help, simply offer him a smart timer.

Much more than just an accessory, the smart timer is a fun and unique device. It is easy to use and allows recipes to be prepared with exceptional precision. It is perfect in a geeky kitchen and will undoubtedly make your loved one happy. For convenience, it usually emits a different melody depending on the type of cooking and an audible signal at the end.

Thanks to this device, it is no longer necessary to have a stopwatch or wait for the water to boil before immersing the eggs. In addition, it can also be used as a decorative object. If you do not know which model to choose, know that the Beep Egg is one of the references on the market.

For geeks who are gaming fans

Just like the mouse and keyboard, the gaming headset is one of the best partners for video game enthusiasts. It allows them not only to improve their level of competitiveness, but also to appreciate all the details of their parts. It also guarantees good communication with teammates and perfect listening to different sound effects. It is pleasant and comfortable to use, and offers a real feeling of immersion that contributes to a remarkable gaming experience.

The gaming headset (the M-230 GH, for example) is ideal for enjoying all other media. It is versatile and offers excellent rendering on movies and music, while being focused on video games. It offers optimal freedom of movement and has a wire or not. It is compatible with smartphones, consoles, tablets and computers.

For geeks who want to take the height

The drone is the geek equipment par excellence. It comes in the form of a small remote-controlled device that is controlled via a controller or smartphone. It allows you to discover the surrounding world and guarantees a fascinating and unique experience. It is particularly ideal for outdoor flights in pleasant climatic conditions.

The drone offers exceptional pleasure and allows you to perform aerial acrobatics or recreate movie scenes. It develops reflexes and dexterity, and is offered at an attractive price. It embeds different modules, including a camera (this one is able to shoot with a good resolution and instantly returns the images to the phone or controller). It can be used in different fields such as security, agriculture, sports, competition, ...

The Cheerson CX-10WD is exactly what geeks need. It boasts a unique and elegant design, and features a 6-axis gyro system that stabilizes it during flight phases. It also includes a gravity detection function and LED lights (ideal for use at night).

Original USB flash drive 100% geek

Computer lovers spend a lot of time in front of their computers and appreciate gadgets related to computer science. The USB key is obviously one of the said gadgets and is a must. It is also a great help because it allows you to keep important documents and files. It is simple to use and has a large storage capacity. It fits easily in the pocket and is energy efficient. Thanks to it, your friend will always have their data at their fingertips.

As long as computers exist, USB flash drives will be indispensable accessories. For a personalized gift, know that there are models in the colors of the heroes of the Marvel universe. In the same vein, it is also possible to find keys with the effigies of Star Wars characters.

Connected and smart wireless speaker

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give to a geek? The connected wireless speaker is the best solution. It has a screen and has a good autonomy, and can be installed on any piece of furniture. It includes interesting programs such as a stopwatch, notifications, voice memos, help to fall asleep, smart alarm, ... It connects to a computer, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and charges on a micro-USB port.

The Divoom Tivoo is a connected speaker with a retro design. It allows you to listen to music regardless of the circumstances and time of day. It is not affected by vibrations and restores both bass and treble.

Products to transmit geek passion to children

Do you share your passion for cartoons, series and movies with your children? Do they love to wear costumes that pay tribute to their best heroes or regularly beat you at video games? To fill them with joy, here are some examples of offbeat and playful geek products.

Augmented reality for children

The Merge Cube is a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality. It is ideal for learning, reading and playing in an innovative and fun way, while immersing yourself in an exceptional universe. In particular, it makes it possible to hold holograms in your hand and to discover new experiments (fossil analysis, study of the organs of the human body, exploration of a galaxy, etc.). Thanks to its different modules and depending on the applications used, it offers the possibility of manipulating avatars or 3D digital models (in augmented reality).

The Merge Cube can be controlled via a tablet or smartphone and can be used with or without a virtual reality headset. It is compatible with Android and iOS apps and merges the real and virtual worlds.

The 100% French connected story box

"Lunii – La fabrique à histoires" is the best companion for children aged 3 to 8 years. In particular, it develops their imagination and is ideal for creating, recording and listening to beautiful stories in audio format. In addition, it preserves their attention and well-being (indeed, it does not have a screen and does not broadcast waves).

Lunii is the game par excellence for fun, while learning, exploring and dreaming. It offers children the opportunity to choose for themselves the elements of their stories, whether they are objects, places, companions or heroes. It also allows them to create their own stories and change the parameters according to their desires.

An alarm clock to never be late again

The geek alarm clock is a digital and sophisticated tool. It is functional, attractive, bright and practical, and includes several new options. It is more useful than a classic model and allows to create different atmospheres in the room. It can be installed anywhere in the house and usually works with batteries or a battery.

Do you lack inspiration in the face of the multitude of models available? Opt for the alarm clock in PlayStation One format. The latter delights the nostalgic of the Sony console and has features such as calendar, alarms, brightness adjustment, nap mode, ... It comes with 2 cards that, once inserted into the dedicated port, project the 4 buttons of a Sony controller (triangle, round, square and cross) or the logo of the PS One.

Your geek friend is passionate about smart and playful alarm clocks? The Cutty Clock is the perfect choice. This connected device integrates a night light and embeds different ringtones. It activates via its motion detector or when users clap their hands, and turns off autonomously.

In addition to being a connected speaker, the Tivoo Divoom is also an alarm clock. It includes a sleep aid and a smart alarm.

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