What gift to offer for hard workers, addicted to work?

It's not always easy to come up with a gift idea for someone who spends most of their time at work ! Yet, many tech accessories really improve the lives of work addicts, whether in the office, on the go, or at home working from home. At SmartOne, we offer a fine selection of technological products that are both practical and design : induction charger for phone, desk lamp, digital notebook... Enough to find original gift ideas for all job addicts, to offer ... or to keep to yourself !

An induction charger to stay connected forever

For a work addict, there is nothing more infuriating than running out of battery when you have an important phone call to make ! Of course, you never have your mains charger with you when you need it. With an induction charger, no more worries ! Just plug it into the USB port on your PC, and it's ready to charge your phone as soon as you put it on it. Some models have a stand to charge your smartphone in an upright position. You will be able to continue to use it all the time of the charge ! The friend you want to please tends to always lose his stuff ? Offer him a bamboo box that includes the induction charger, pocket trays and a storage drawer! Enough to put the phone, the keys, the wallet and everything you always want to keep at hand !

Still, check that the phone is QI compatible, that is, it supports magnetic induction charging. This is fortunately the case for the vast majority of recent smartphones, such as Apple's devices from the iPhone 8, Samsung from the Galaxy S6, Huawei from the Mate 20, Nokia from the Lumia 1520, or Sony from the Xperia Z3V. 

It's not just your phone that needs to be always ready to go. A magnetic charging pad for Apple Watch allows you to charge your smartwatch while continuing to use it.

A backup battery for nomadic workaholics

Don't always have the time or space to use an induction charger? Still, you need to be able to use your phone at any time even when you jump from one plane to another ! For this, you can always rely on your external battery. Very practical, it allows you to charge your smartphone one to several times depending on its capacity. Enough to travel to the end of the world without ever losing contact with your colleagues and customers !

The best models feature a built-in USB-C cable, micro-USB and Lightning for compatibility with all smartphones, and even allow induction wireless charging! You can even charge your phone in an upright position thanks to the stand, so as not to interrupt your videoconference !

A ring light to shine in videoconferencing

The time when you had to travel to attend a meeting is over ! Today, you can organize a videoconference without moving from home or office. But the lighting in the room is not always the most flattering ! A ring light diffuses a very uniform white light, which avoids shadows on the face.

You can use it in combination with your webcam, or attach your smartphone directly to it. Depending on your preferences, opt for a flexible model that attaches to the desk by a clamp, or for a model on tripod, a little more bulky, but with a foolproof stability. For the more adventurous, a ring light to clip on the phone will slip very easily into the luggage !

A practical and design LED desk lamp

Are you tired of the light of screens that strains the eyes ? To read a report or just a good book, the desk lamp is the essential accessory! Thanks to LED technology, today's lamps have a very low consumption, and emit little heat. So you can put them on your desk or bedside table without the risk of getting burned. On the design side, you are spoilt for choice : futuristic lamp with bright colors, Scandinavian style lamp in light wood, industrial type lamp with simple lines ...

Some desk lamps also include an induction charger for mobile phones. This makes it a very convenient 2-in-1 object for small offices, or to take on a trip in a cabin luggage. Other models have a USB port to charge all your devices, or a built-in clock and alarm clock function.

A multi AC socket with USB ports

Have you noticed how the batteries of all our devices are always empty at the same time ? In this case, it is not always easy to find AC sockets and USB ports to put them all to charge at the same time ! A well-designed power strip easily solves this problem. Some models feature up to eight USB ports for fast, simultaneous charging of eight devices. Others are equipped with two AC sockets and several USB ports, to simultaneously connect your phone, your induction charger, your laptop, your desk lamp ...
The enclosures are specially designed to ensure a minimal footprint. They can therefore be very easily plugged into all the sockets, and slip into a bag or backpack for all your travels.

An infinite and "connected" notebook

Are you looking for an original and useful gift for a loved one who likes to take notes by hand ? Forget the traditional little notebook, too quickly filled and in which we never find the information we need ! Today, technology has brought together in a single object the comfort of manual note-taking and the practicality of digital.

The RocketBook Everlast infinity notebook is a unique object to take with you everywhere. You simply write on it with a real pen, just like you would on a piece of paper. The quality of the materials ensures a very high writing comfort, and allows you to draw. Once the page is filled, simply scan it using the application installed on your smartphone. Your notes page is now stored on the platform of your choice ! It will be very easy to find it when you need it. Once all the pages are complete, there is no need to buy a new notebook. Simply pass a damp cloth, and the pages are blank again, ready to welcome all your ideas.

A USB key to take all your files with you

Are you looking for a gift idea for a workaholic, but you are afraid of making a mistake ? In this case, opt without hesitation for a USB key! This accessory is always useful, even if you already have one. Having several allows you to separate several types of data : confidential customer folders on one, personal files on another, the PowerPoint presentation for the next appointment on a third...

A pocket translator to do business with the world

Have you ever found yourself in front of a foreign customer without being able to communicate with him ? If you've experienced this unpleasant situation, you know why a pocket translator is a useful object! It allows you to translate conversations into and from all languages that can be used to do business. A pocket translator is essential for all those who have to travel often. To negotiate with a customer, communicate with a taxi driver or order at the restaurant, he will do many services !

Thanks to the built-in camera and the on-board character recognition system, this little gem of technology can even read and translate texts. One more reason to slip it into your luggage, or offer it to someone who travels a lot !

A digital alarm clock to never miss a meeting again

It's not always easy to get out of bed in the morning when you're in the middle of a jetlag ! Do you think that all phones have an alarm clock function? That's true, but when you have an important meeting, two precautions are better than one. So taking an alarm clock with you is always a good idea.

As with other tech accessories, choose an object that combines several functions. This saves valuable space in luggage, on a desk or on a bedside table. You can choose a multifunction alarm clock that allows you to charge a device by induction, and that provides ambient lighting.

An object tracker to no longer lose your keys and phone

What could be more stressful than losing your keys or phone when you have to leave for an important meeting? Thanks to an object tracker, you will find your belongings in a few seconds ! Use it as a key fob, and ring it from your phone to find them. Is it your phone that you lost ? A simple press on the key fob will make it ring. The object you are looking for is not at home ? An app shows you its last known GPS location!

Are you still hesitating about choosing the ideal gift? Do not hesitate to contact our customer support! At SmartOne, we want all our customers to be satisfied with their purchases. Are you the type to order at the last moment ? Don't worry, delivery is fast. In addition, if the gift you have chosen is not suitable, you can return it to us within 30 days !

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